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Great storage achieved in tight area. Still providing ample preparation space required in this cosy city apartment.
Space Saving
20th Apr 2017
Luxury kitchen that compliments this family home. Great for entertaining special family occasions while providing a living space for everyday family life.
Family Living
12th Mar 2017
Simple yet elegant kitchen with great working space. Very durable finishes will help protect this rental property investment for many years to come.
Clean & Functional
10th Jan 2017

At Vella Kitchens we strive to create beautiful custom kitchens to reflect our clients individual tastes and requirements. Our passion for precision craftsmanship means we take pleasure in delivering the highest standards of cabinetry, creating stylish and timeless kitchens. From detailed joinery and high quality finishes, we are committed to providing the level of service where our clients will receive their dream kitchen with efficiency and at a reasonable price.

"Thank you so much for our beautiful kitchen, your craft man ship is a credit to you! You answered all my questions and helped me understand all the things I had no idea about! Your expertise are evident throughout my kitchen, nothing is amiss and we love it! Your individual attention gave us confidence in this experience to which we were unfamiliar. All our requirements were incorporated in the design, our needs were always considered and respected. We really felt like part of this experience and we couldn't be happier!Thank you again for everything"

Bernard Hegalworth NSW